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Maracaibo, Venezuela




“I have been checking out these beautiful Venezuelan women my whole life. They always win Miss Universe. Now I can just jump on the plane in Miami and men the women of my choice in your office there. I think your service was a great idea and I will be booking my Personal Tour very soon. ” Corey

“I always wanted to go to one of these Marriage Agencies. All the best looking women seemed to be from Colombia but I do not want to go there. Its about time someone opens an introduction agency in Venezuela. The country is safe and the women are better looking than Colombia. ” Ross

“I met my wife on your Singles Vacations Tours. I think what your doing is great for men like me who want a traditional wife. Most men I know are sick of these American women and this women’s liberation feminist nazi crap.The men in Latin America run things, what happened to USA. The clubs in my home town have 10 men for every woman. On my trip to Maracaibo there was 3 women to every man on the street and in the clubs, that place is great. Thanks again for introducing me to Pillar, she is a real sweetheart and I am glad I married her” Eugene

“3 months ago I got a letter from a woman that saw my Men’s Personal Listing ad in your Maracaibo office. I just got back from Venezuela yesterday, I had flown down to meet Patricia. Her family let me stay in their home and I had the best time in my life.” Thank You Adam

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