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Barranquilla, Colombia




“My trip to Barranquilla changed my life. I finally met a tradition younger woman that likes me for who I am. Thank you so much!” George
“A few of my friends haves have beautiful wives from Colombia. I wanted one too so I made the trip and met my Fiancee in Barranquilla.” Joe
“After 3 trips to Russia the women of Eastern Europe seemed cold and it wasn’t working for me. My first trip to Latin America I meet my wife of 3 years now Ana Milena. Latin women are warm and very family oriented.” Mark
“I saw all these older men getting married to Latin women and I thought was too young. I just turned 29 and I am happy to say, al the women were very receptive to me in Barranquilla. My Fiancee’s last boyfriend was 45, the women do not care about age.” Jim
“I wondered if the women would be receptive to Black men. Well now that I am in Barranquilla I can tell you the women are a mix of everything and they don’t care what race you are. You do need to be a polite and faithful though.” Carl
“I looked at these web sites for 3 years before I made the trip. What was I waiting for? These women are very beautiful with great personalities. Real old fashioned too, who would have though this was for real.” Donald
“My wife and I met on your April 2003 Group Tour. Thank you for all your help, your staff in Barranquilla is very professional and helped me so much. I will be sending business your way, I have many single friends.” Harold

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