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Lima Peru Ladies
Lima, Peru
Over 1200 Single Peruvian Women

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Welcome To Lima, Peru
Dear Friends: You are about to meet hundreds of beautiful and available Latin women from Lima, Peru. This city has some of the best looking and most traditional women in Latin America. If you want a woman with old fashion values and a woman very different from the modern woman of USA and Europe, come to Lima. We have one of the highest success rates of any introduction agency for getting engaged and married. Our office is open for one on one introductions every week of the year. We also have Group Singles Vacations every three months where you can meet over hundreds of the local women at 3 different socials and events. The benefits of using our agency are: we prescreen all the women, we are open every week to accommodate your busy schedule, and we have the most quality women of any marriage agency in Peru. Other companies just have big parties without the individual service, screening of the women, or the one on one introductions you need to meet the Latin woman you are looking for. Our clients range in age from 21 to 65. The women in Peru will date and marry men from: their own age to 25 years older. Most Peruvian women prefer men that are light skinned from The United States and Europe.
Our Introductions Office in Lima, Peru is only 3 blocks from the Pacific Ocean
The Peruvian Women are a mix of: Spanish and Indian
The city population is 9,000,000

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