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“I found the women in Lima, Peru to be much more conservative than the wild women I met in Brazil. The women in Lima were very sweet and down to earth. I expected the women to have an boring indian look but a was pleasantly surprised by the exotic look the women have. I will be back in Lima next January ” Jorge
“Two years ago I made my first trip to Lima, Peru and I met my wife Angelica. I had a great time at your agency. Your staff was very helpful and I met over 40 women. Thank You for making my dreams come true.” Steven
“I saw this show on television about mail order brides and I was skeptical. I was tired of these American women and wanted to try something new. The bar screen was not working for me. I went on your December group Tour and met the most wonderful woman in my life. Thank You so much.” Mark and Carolina
“I thought I would never get married now that I am 62. Well I saw your ad on the internet and made my deposit. Its 4 months later and my Fiancee got here yesterday. All I can do is smile ear to ear. Every single man who likes Latin women should try this ” Sylvester
“Last year I went on your competitors group tour in Lima and met a woman I liked. Come to find out she is not a good girl. Turns out she came in to the Group Tour party unscreened and though this was work. I was pissed especially when I saw the advertisement they used to bring in the women to the party. No wonder there were so many prostitutes at that Tour party. Anyway, I found my wife Angela at your introduction agency last May. Your staff was great and all the women I met were traditional marriage minded women. ” Paul

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