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Cali, Colombia
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Group Tour “Singles Vacations”
We have Group Tours every month in Cali. There will be 8-20 men and hundreds of women at the events. We invite women at a 10 to 1 ratio over the men. The women we invite are screened unlike other Cali Singles Vacations companies. This way you spend your valuable time with quality women seeking serious relationships. Group Tours consist of 2 socials and a Pool party. If you can not get away from work on the Group Tour dates you can meet women in Cali on a Personal Tour any day of the year. Either way, many of our clients get engaged on their first trip to Cali. Cali has produced more marriages than all other locations combined. Our Introduction agency has been open for over 10 years. Our testimonials speak for them self.
Make your reservations by going to your travel agent or and do a search without specific dates to get the lowest rate. See our rates below and call or email us to book your trip.
Payment Options
Required to reserve your space.
You Pay Balance on arrival in Cali.
Payments in Full(Includes Hotel)
5 Day Membership-$695.00
One Week Membership-$795.00
10 Day Membership-$995.00
14 Day Membership-$1395.00
One week without Hotel -$595.00
Group Tour Calander

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