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The reason this service was started was because I simply was dissatisfied by efforts of the other foreign dating services. If you look at the typical dating service, their girls are from all over South America. The foreign introduction industry was severely lacking in its convenience factors. I have set out to create my own custom agency that recruits all of its ladies from the easily accessible and very modern areas. I also realized the much greater demand for these ladies after talking to many of them over a long period of time, and comparing them with ladies from the distant countries. While this type of service tends to have the hispanic personals stigma attached to it due to historical reasons, it is no longer the case. These ladies join this agency of their own free will and should be respected as such. If you think about it, this service is really no different than any other domestic singles, dating, and matchmaking service. Mail Order Brides is a term that means servitude. While true in the past and in illegal, underground trade operations today, it is no longer a normal part of the single latin women introduction industry and mainstream websites such as this. The most significant difference that you will find with this type of service is in the quality of girls that you see. Most of these spanish singles would have dozens of men chasing them if they were single and living amongst us domestically. I have read statistics that show that for every hispanic women in non Latin countries, there are many men competing for her affection. This is true from my own experiences, as I dated latin ladies who would get hit on many times on any given day and were well aware how desirable they are to the average man. But in single spanish women sites such as this, there just is not this level of competition. Why? Because, for one, it is not a free singles service. Most men will avoid paying for a dating service. They convince themselves that they can find an unattached single hispanic ladies on the internet. For a short time, I was one of those guys. You should use this little bit of information to your advantage over all of the others. The best thing of all, is that they do not have the same outlook on life or attitude as the average American woman. This is, by far, the most significant aspect. Most spanish ladies are Christian or strongly believe in God. Many of these latin singles specifically request a Christian man as one of their desired traits in a mate. While many latin personals that you are used to would never cater to you like in old fashioned times, spanish personals will insist that she make you more comfortable. If that means getting you a drink without you asking after a long day of work, so be it. She will do everything to shows that she appreciates having you as her man. There are not too many girls like this anymore especially domestically, but rest assured that this character trait is ingrained in the mind of the average hispanic singles.

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